Xeomin® Membership

40 Units of Xeomin Every 90 Days

Save 10% on Xeomin PLUS 10% on Any Other Procedures

ONLY $109 per month

Our Elite VIP Xeomin Membership will make sure you get your Xeomin every quarter while saving money as well.

For the low monthly membership fee of $109 per month you’re entitled to 40 units of Xeomin every 90 days PLUS you’ll receive 10% off additional units AND 10% off any other procedure in the spa, including filler, laser hair removal, Emsculpt NEO… anything!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Elite VIP Xeomin Membership?

To active your membership, there is a monthly fee of $109.

How many units of Xeomin do I receive and how often do I receive them?

Your membership entitles you to receive 40 units of Xeomin every 90 days.

What other benefits do I receive with my membership?

Members with an active membership, in good standing, will also receive a 10% on additional units of Xeomin, as well as a 10% discount on any regular priced product, service, or procedure we offer in our spa.

How long is the membership?

The membership is for 12 months.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

If you cancel your membership prior to the end of the 12 month term, any unused credits or payments can be used for any regular priced product, service or procedure in the spa. However, you will not be entitled to the member’s 10% discount.

How do I sign up for a membership?

To sign up for an Elite VIP Xeomin Membership, use the appropriate link show above. Since your membership card is stored on your phone’s mobile wallet, you’ll need to select either iPhone or Android, depending on the type of phone you use. Once you click on the link, you’ll be redirected to Facebook Messenger where our automated chat support team will walk you through the process. It is very simple and fully automated but if you have any trouble just let us know and we will make sure you are registered.

How do I receive my 40 units each quarter?

When you come into the spa for your appointment, simply show your membership card that is stored on your mobile wallet. A Client Specialist will scan the QR code to redeem your benefits. Upon check-out, we will schedule your next appointment.

Terms and Conditions

Your first monthly fee is upon membership activation.

The monthly membership fee will be automatically charged to the credit card on file on the day of the month of activation.

No refunds. Any unused balance can be used towards any product or service in the spa.

In the event the charge for the monthly membership fee is declined, no additional services will be rendered until the membership is in good standing (paid in full). If after 30 days and a second declined charge, the membership is suspended. If the past due membership fees are not paid after 60 days, the membership is cancelled.

If the membership is cancelled for non-payment, either a new annual membership is required or the past due balance must be paid in full to reactivate the membership.

Pricing subject to change after each 12 month term.

If a membership is in good standing when cancelled or terminated, any unused services will remain available for an additional 12 months following the termination date. If the unused services are not used at the end of the 12 months following the termination date, the unused services and any remaining balance or credits will be forfeited.

Terms subject to change with a 30 day notice. However, all members are guaranteed to receive full value of their membership.